Where do I even start with this one?! This is a special one for me to say the least. I had the opportunity to shoot a wedding of a dear friend and of a family that I consider to be my second family. I met my best friend Laura in 2002 when we became teammates on our basketball team our freshman year in college. We have been inseparable ever since, even though we live across the country from each other. When I met her, we immediately became best friends and I got to know her incredible family, including her cousin Theresa. Me being from New Mexico, I had no family in Illinois so her family became my adopted one. We went to her hometown often to visit every chance we could get. I went home with her every time. Her family are some of the most amazing, funny and genuine people I to this day have ever met and I think Theresa was probably close to 10 years old when I first met her which is kinda crazy to think about! I love them all so much and it was an honor to shoot this incredible wedding! It made it so special that I knew almost everyone there too.

I actually had the honor on meeting Wyatt the day they started dating when I was in Illinois visiting back in 2019, and it was clear they were meant to be from that very day! There is so much love there and I couldn’t have been happier when Theresa chose me to photograph such a special day in her life. And of course it gave me a reason to come back to visit everyone!!

Thank you Theresa and Wyatt for choosing me to photograph your special day! It was incredible from start to finish!! Cheers!!



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