It’s your wedding!! You have dreamed of this day all of your life most likely, and it’s my job to make sure you get the most out of it and get all the pictures of all your thought out details! I’ll make sure to remind you the day before your wedding to put all these items in a box for me to style and photograph as soon as I arrive on your wedding day!

Wedding Rings (All 3!!) More than likely you’ll have your wedding band and engagement rings with you, but a lot of times the grooms ring is with him or with his best man. Make sure to get his ring from him the night before the wedding at the rehearsal so that they are all with you on wedding day! A lot of times the groom won’t arrive at the venue until much later.

Florals It’s always a great idea to ask your florist for some loose florals for details! Some that I can use to style with your details adds so much impact! Most of the time florists are more than happy to provide these for you!!

Invitation Suite Don’t forget about your invites that you sent out to all your friends and family months prior to your big day! They were part of the planning and need to be part of your details, so make sure to include a set for me to style with all the other important pieces you gather up!

The grooms details Yes, most of the details belong to the bride, but don’t forget about your grooms details too!! They are a great addition to making the details all come together! Some examples are shoes, tie, cuff links, watch, pocket square, cologne…These are all things to make sure to get the night before the wedding! Have a friend or mom gather them all up and put them in a box so they are all together!

Jewelry, shoes, perfume and family heirlooms I will use all these items for your detail pictures, but also will be taking pictures of you putting them on! Putting on your jewelry by a window and spraying your perfume on your wrists, always turns out to be a great picture and memory of your big day! Family heirlooms are always so special and add a unique touch to your wedding. Jewelry that has been passed down, pocket watch, wedding rings, material from a wedding dress from a grandmother/mom, are some examples, but I have seen it all! Every family has their own unique pieces that they tie into their day!

Wedding Hanger For some reason, spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on your wedding dress doesn’t mean you get a nice hanger to go along with it. It usually comes with a cheap, plastic hanger that you probably don’t want photographed. I always recommend to get a nice wooden hanger so that when I take pictures of your dress, it has a nice hanger hanging from it! There are lots of options on Etsy for personalized ones, but honestly the simple wooden hangers work just fine too!

I hope this helped with your wedding planning to start thinking about what all you need for your big day! There is so much to think about, but try to make it your own, and enjoy the ride!




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