Visit Australia

Play Catch with Derek Jeter

Dance with Ellen Degeneres

Photograph a Wedding in Hawaii

Start a Pit Bull Sanctuary

HaveMy Own HGT V Show

bucket list

Meet the Clays!! This is my family! Will, my Ohio State obsessed, golf addicted loving husband. Amaya-my beautiful 11 year old step daughter who has the biggest heart and is still just as sweet as the little 3 year old girl I met 8 years ago. And then there's Bash. My hilarious but crazy toddler son Sebastian (who we call Bash) who thinks he's completely in charge, loves so hard, and keeps us laughing every single day. Can't forget about our amazing 2 dogs Heisman and Zeke who are both pit bulls and have the exact opposite personalities. We have a house full and I love it more than anything! 

Meet my Family