I met Paula and Jeff last summer when I took their engagement pictures at the Historic Stockyards and then later in the fall, I shot their wedding.  I immediately noticed what a sweet couple they were the second I met them.  We had such a great time at their engagement session and I knew their wedding, which was Halloween of last year, would be the same.  And it was!! Even though it was a very cold day, it was a beautiful wedding where they were surrounded by their wonderful friends and family.  

Last night, almost a year later, I had the opportunity to take their family pictures.  They wanted to celebrate their  blended family with pictures so we met at Rockledge Park at Lake Grapevine.  It was so beautiful there! I had never shot there so it was refreshing to go to a new place. The session was so much fun, just like their previous ones were last year and this time their 2 children, Jace and Paige were there. Kids always make sessions more fun and interesting and these two did just that!!

Thank you Paula and Jeff for having me take your family pictures that I know mean so much to you.  It was my honor and I can’t wait for the next session with you guys!