Wow!! It’s the last day of 2020!! What a year it has been! Despite COVID and all the thousands of changes that had to be made for most of us, we got through it all and survived!! I had the most amazing couples this year-seriously!! They have been through so much. It’s stressful enough planning a wedding, but in the middle of a pandemic just added a whole lot more stress. I shot more weddings than I thought I would after the blow we had in March, 23 to be exact. My couples pushed through and made their special day work-even if it looked a lot different than they originally planned. I had some that had to change their date, some that changed venues to accommodate an entire outside experience, and some changed the guest count to have a more intimate wedding with just family. They all made it work best for them and each wedding was absolutely incredible!! Cheers to 2020! You were difficult, cruel, challenging and heartbreaking at times but we all made it here today and lets all learn from everything and be appreciative of how strong we came out on the other side! Looking forward to you 2021 but for now, take a look at all these gorgeous couples of 2020!!



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