I have known Kim since college. We went to Texas State University together (eat em up cats!) She is an amazing person who has one of the best smiles I know! You’ll see when you see below!  Among many things, Kim is a wife, a mother, an educator, a coach, and a dear friend.

Kim and her beautiful family have been getting pictures taken with me for years.  It has been so awesome watching their family grow.  Her and her sweet husband Will have two amazing kids, McKinleigh and McKnight.  My very first session with them years ago was when they only had Mckinleigh, so I was really excited when the 2nd baby came around! They are the cutest, most polite kids and they are always happy for our sessions.  McKinleigh LOVES taking pictures! She has the biggest smile and knows how to work that camera.  Kim always tells me that she gets excited for upcoming shoots because she loves being in front of the camera.  Her confidence is absolutely beautiful.  McKnight is such a cutie but is already a typical guy in the means of not wanting his picture taken.  No matter the age, guys tend to not look forward to this.  He doesn’t always show his happiness with all his mean mugs he throws the cameras way, but he always ends up giving us a few smiles! The Wallace’s have such a strong family bond and I admire it greatly.  They show the importance of family values, and my goal is to make sure to capture that for them through their images.  

Below are a few of my favorites from some of our past sessions in the last few years! Its been great “Watching the Wallace’s” grow and I look forward to many sessions to come!