We all know how unique times are right now, and when it comes to weddings, its been really hard on a lot of people. Engaged couples have had to completely change up their entire wedding plans because of COVID and have had to make the absolute best of things in the only ways they can. Haley and Abe had their original wedding planned for May 29th. After COVID happened, they knew they wanted to keep that original date for their wedding anniversary and didn’t want to wait until who knows when to be a married couple!! So we made it happen!! On Friday, May 29th, 2020, Haley and Abe had a very small ceremony with their close friends and family to share the beginning of their marriage. It was so beautiful and I was so happy that I was apart of it and got to capture it all! In September, we will celebrate again with a big wedding and celebration and a lot more people, so you will see this beautiful couple once again in the Fall!! Congrats you two, I am so excited for you to start your marriage and I can’t wait to see you guys again soon!