I am very blessed to have known Michelle since 2004 when we began working at Nike together in college at Texas State University in San Marcos. We loved that job, had so much fun and met unbelievable friends that we are both still friends with today. I was very honored when she asked me to be her photographer for her wedding and couldn’t have been more excited!!

I first met Koren at my wedding over 2 years ago when Michelle brought him as her plus 1. He has been so kind from the moment I’ve met him. Him and Michelle seem perfect together and it was beautiful to see their two families come together as one. Koren delivered an incredible speech before the reception started, thanking everyone that had a part in him and Michelle’s relationship. He talked about how important God has been in their lives and how Michelle has made him a better man. It really was a beautiful speech and everyone was hanging on to every single word. Michelle deserves a man that is going to treat her right and it seems like Koren is going to do just that! They are the sweetest couple and I am so happy that I was the one to capture their special day!

Congrats Michelle and Koren!