2019 was one of my favorite years for my business!! I got to work with so many couples and shoot 18 spectacular weddings! Every one of them was so special and unique in its own way! I got to shoot at gorgeous Dallas wedding venues like The Grand Ivory, D’Vine Grace Vineyards, The BRIK, Aristide Flower Mound, Aristide Colleyville, The SPRINGS, and many others!

I have been shooting weddings for almost 10 years now but only full time for the last 2 years and never thought that I would get to a place where I would be able to quit my full time teaching job and be more successful doing this. Something that I love so dearly and am so passionate about. I am so grateful for the amazing photographers I have looked up to for years-Amy and Jordan Demos, Katelyn James, Jasmine Star, Vanessa Hicks, and Jenna Kutcher. They have been BEYOND inspirations to me in photography and in overall business and life.

I thought I would share some of my favorite images from weddings I’ve shot in 2019 to you all!! Enjoy and Happy New Year!!!