I haven’t blogged in about 2 months!! I’m so sorry!! As you might know, I have a 7 week old here at home who is taking up a lot of my time with snuggles! I’m learning how to multitask-for instance right now I’m writing this blog with one hand and holding my sleeping baby with the other. So it’s hard to escape this little dude but I promise I didn’t forget about any of you! He’s just a little hard to resist!!

I was 9 months pregnant when I took pictures of this beautiful senior, Micah!! I actually had my baby 2 days after this shoot so I am very thankful and appreciative of Micah and her amazing mom Lucy who are the sweetest people ever! They were so patient as I waddled around while sweating profusely and everyone on the streets in downtown Fort Worth having something to say to me and worrying I was about to go into labor…Don’t worry, I didn’t.

Micah is THE sweetest senior. So respectful, happy, and just a great kid. I had such a great time working with her! Enjoy these images of this beautiful senior! Class of 2019!!