What I love about my hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico is that family is extremely important.  Family is important everywhere but there is a little something extra in Albuquerque. I remember growing up always wishing I had a big family like all of my friends did.  I loved witnessing all the get-togethers and family dinners-even when there wasn’t a reason to celebrate.  Meet the Gavaldon’s….This is their family and I had such a great time taking their pictures.  I have known Erica since high school.  Our best friends happen to be sisters so we spent a lot of time together.  I was so happy when she asked me to take her family pictures when I came in town for Christmas this year.  She has a son in 8th grade that towers over her, a loving brother and his 3 beautiful girls, and her parents who I’m sure if I knew them better would keep me laughing constantly. Her mom was so spunky and loving and her dad, a man of few words showed laughter in all of his mannerisms.  It was my main purpose to get a smile out of him and I think we managed to do so in a few pictures!  They were such a close nit family who showed so much love.  While Erica and I waited with her son for everyone else to arrive, as soon as her parents pulled up, her son ran to the car to help them get out and walk to us.  Nothing like a respectful 8th grade boy, trust me I know, I used to teach that grade! It isn’t always common! 

This was a great shoot with those pretty mountains in the background that I miss seeing everyday. I realize I didn’t appreciate them when I lived there and also didn’t realize how much they helped me know which direction was east! Thank you Erica for choosing me to take your family pictures! It was an honor!